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In addition to the primary activities performed by the Compliance Scheme, Erion Care helps its Members in the creation and development of communication and information initiatives and projects aimed at enhancing their environmental commitment towards the reference stakeholders and the community.

Raising citizens’ and consumers’ awareness on prevention is part of the objectives of the SUP EPR system and thus of the Programme Agreement between the Compliance Scheme, the National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI) and the National Associations of Environmental Service Managers, under the backing of the Ministry for the Environment and Energy Security. With this in mind, Erion Care is committed to developing information and public awareness campaigns to prevent all those bad behaviours, such as littering and abandonment of cigarette butts, which affect turban spaces and the image of cities and the territory.

Moreover, in support of its Members the Compliance Scheme provides tools and information materials designed to simplify activities, disseminate best practices or investigate specific issues, as well as periodically organizing meetings and webinars.

The future of our Planet passes through also these initiatives, and efficiency, quality of service and effectiveness of communication are the means chosen by Erion for protecting it.

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