A new vision for
the tobacco products chain

Erion Care identifies itself as an authoritative and qualified presence in institutional venues, for the relevant associations and for all the stakeholders of the chain with regard to issues of interest for the tobacco product waste management system, thanks also to the implementation of studies and communication initiatives.

In 2023, Erion Care commissioned dss+ to produce the Report The disposal of cigarette butts in the environment. Strategies and solutions to avoid it which analyzes the phenomenon of deliberate or involuntary littering of small waste (like cigarette butts) in public or open spaces such as streets, squares, parks, beaches.

This is a problem mainly of cultural and sociological origin, fuelled by a lack of knowledge of the impacts that such an action can have and by the general disregard of some people for urban areas, the environment and the rules of good coexistence.

Collaboration with institutions

Erion Care works proactively and closely with its reference stakeholders and contributes to the implementation of initiatives for the improvement of the EPR systems and the development of the regulatory framework, actively participating in meetings and round tables of associations and companies of the sector, taking into account the different needs and expectations.

In addition, Erion Care participates in communication initiatives with European associations and stakeholders, contributing to the diffusion of a culture of environmental sustainability and the dissemination of information easily accessible by citizens and consumers.

Erion Care can count on a dedicated team that constantly works on sustainable and innovative projects focused on environmental sustainability.

For us looking to the future also means investing in technological and organizational innovation, including through participation in European-funded research projects in order to identify solutions capable of increasing the performance of the entire system.

The sharing of ideas with the various stakeholders by focusing our attention and resources on wide-ranging strategic programmes capable of generating added value represents a priority for the Compliance Scheme.

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