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The Italian legislation on the management of tobacco product waste originated with the enactment of Legislative Decree 196/2021, which implements Directive (EU) 2019/904 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment.

Among these, the Directive includes some that are wholly or partly made of plastic, such as tobacco products with filter and filters marketed for use in combination with tobacco products.

In order to prevent and reduce the impact that the waste generated by these products has on the environment, the law establishes a series of measures such as: making its management through Extended Producer Responsibility schemes compulsory (Art. 8); developing measures to raise consumer awareness (Art. 10) on issues such as its dispersion, bad practices and improper disposal methods; and introducing marking requirements (Art. 7) for tobacco products, as set out in the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/2151 of 17 December 2020.

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