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Erion Care is the first national EPR Compliance Scheme dedicated to counteracting the littering and dispersionin the environment of tobacco product waste in order to ensure its proper disposal. Erion Care, which is part of the Erion System, provides Producers placing such products on the national market with regulatory compliance services pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2021 (“Single-Use Plastic-SUP Decree”) implementing Directive (EU) 2019/904.

Established in 2022 on the initiative of the main multinationals operating in the tobacco industry and open to the participation of all Producers in the sector, the Compliance Scheme is the instrument through which Producers fulfil their statutory responsibility to contribute to preventing the littering of waste from tobacco products with filter and filters marketed for use in combination with tobacco products (“REFILLS”) and promote its proper disposal.

With Erion Care, Producers fully meet the obligations arising from their extended responsibility thanks to a top partner committed to improving the entire chain in terms of quality and efficiency and to developing real environmental sustainability.


We will go a long way together

Erion Care is part of Erion, a multi-compliance non-profit System for the management of different types of waste: from electronic products to batteries and accumulators, from packaging to tobacco products and textiles products, with a solid heritage in terms of authoritativeness, efficiency and quality.

An innovative entity capable of seizing market opportunities by interconnecting the various actors in the chain and ensuring the highest standards of treatment, transparency, safety and operational efficiency in full compliance with environmental regulations, creating value for the benefit of stakeholders, society and the environment.


Six Producer Responsibility Organizations, a single System

To guarantee our Members a unique and excellent service for the management of six types of waste: Household WEEE, Professional WEEE, Waste Batteries and Accumulators, Packaging, Tobacco products Waste and Textile Waste.


National Collective Scheme dedicated to the management of Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment.


For Producers who place Professional Electrical and Electronic Equipment on the market.


Ensures Producers the regulatory compliance relating to Waste from Batteries and Accumulators.


Comprehensive service for compliance with the requirements of national packaging regulations.


The first national Collective Scheme dedicated to prevent the littering of tobacco products waste.


The Collective Scheme of Textile Producers. To accompany companies in the sector towards sustainable and circular fashion.


Erion Care guarantees and supports – in the interest and on behalf of its Producers – the implementation of all legal requirements to prevent the production and dispersion in the environment of REFILLS and ensure their proper disposal in compliance with the requirements set out in Legislative Decree 196/2021 implementing Directive (EU) 2019/904.

What We Do

Erion Care is the first national non-profit Compliance Scheme dedicated to tobacco Producers to counteract the littering of waste from tobacco products with filter and filters marketed for use in combination with tobacco products (“REFILLS”) also through consumer information and awareness campaigns. As required by the Single-Use Plastic (SUP) regulation, Erion Care also contributes on behalf of its Members to the financing of REFILLS removal activities (i.e., collection, transport and treatment) and reports to the institutions on the functioning of the system.

What is waste from tobacco products with filter

A cigarette butt is what remains of a tobacco product after its use. It is important to note that when talking about filters (understood as waste) of tobacco products, reference is not only made to filters for traditional cigarettes and cigarillos, but also to filters for fine-cut and heated tobacco.

In the case of combusted tobacco, each butt consists of the filter, made in turn of cellulose acetate – which filters out the substances produced (residues, nicotine, carbon monoxide) and helps the smoker to hold and put out the cigarette – and also of paper, unburned tobacco, ash and other combustion by-products.

In the case of heated tobacco, stick filters are made of bioplastics (cellulose acetate and/or polylactic acid) with the function of lowering the temperature of the vapour, so as to make it suitable for inhalation. As there is no combustion, there is no ash or other smoke residues.

Both types of filters, those used in combusted tobacco products and those in heated tobacco products which if not disposed of properly, could cause considerable environmental damage.

Legislative Decree 196/2021 (implementing the European directive on disposable plastic) also includes cigarette butts among small waste containing plastic for which Extended Producer Responsibility was introduced for the related waste.

Erion Care is the Erion System Compliance Scheme dedicated to preventing the production of such waste, avoiding its dispersion in the environment and promoting its proper disposal.

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Conformity and certifications

Erion Care Producers place great importance on environmental protection. For this reason, the high quality standards of the services provided, the careful use of appropriate safety procedures, the strategic investments in research and development and the constant commitment to the issues of environmental and economic sustainability represent the strengths of the Producer Responsibility Organization.


Erion Care. Italian excellence, international vision.

The aim of the Compliance Scheme is to establish efficient and effective “Extended Producer Responsibility” models, both within the Italian and European contexts. Thanks to its non-profit nature and innovative vision, Erion Care enjoys a privileged position and exclusive relationships with different institutions, research bodies, associations and international organizations, promoting an active and close dialogue on the most relevant issues for the tobacco product waste management system.

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